In mid-October, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jon Bock of Snowflake Computing to discuss the world of cloud data warehousing – it’s not just implementing your “father’s” EDW in the sky…


Listen to segment #1 (approx 9 mins)

Jon Bock and I discussed the new era the data warehouse:

  • Agility development
  • Self-service and automated delivery
  • Cloud implementation


Listen to segment #2 (approx 8 mins)

Following our initial topic(s), we discussed how IT and business stakeholders often run into issues with traditional implementation life cycles such as SDLC including:

  • Requirements
  • Cloud implementations
  • Scaling staff to meet the demands of modern EDW implementations


Listen to segment #3 (approx 6 mins)

After discussing the dangers associated with IT telling business stakeholders “no”, Bock and I went into how agile development efforts empower the iterative development of EDW.  This includes:

  • Sandboxes
  • Ad-hoc analytics
  • On-demand compute and storage


Listen to segment #4 (approx 5 mins)

At the end of our discussion, Bock and I discuss the innovative collaboration between IT and business to create not just “technology” but new revenues and value.


Listen to the entire podcast (approx 24 mins)