Data integration and data access continue to be a hurdle to companies that are utilizing software as a service. Compliance and regulatory issues are part of the challenge but at the heart of things simply having the data integrated and where you need it for analysis is key. Jitterbit an application and data integration company spotted this issue and are providing an answer for Salesforce customers who would like to put all of their data on a platform so they can better address their analytic needs. Jitterbit is partnering with Amazon EC2 to provide a virtualized RDBMS environment where you can mirror your Salesforce data and execute analytics.  Once your data is replicated by Jitterbit you can utilize leading BI solutions s such as Business Objects, Cognos, Jaspersoft, PivotLink and more. Pricing for the turnkey solution starts at $899

Its a simple/elegant solution and priced for value. The solution can also add to your data catastrophe plans by acting as a near real-time mirror/back up of your Salesforce data.

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