I’ve been pretty tough on HP recently (see post) for a lack of strategy and poor communication around their overall business intelligence offerings. They failed in their attempt to leverage NeoView and up till last week looked to be stepping back into their services and hardware partner role. Recent partner announcements with Microsoft and SAP for hardware to their appliance offerings seemed to confirm this.

This morning HP surprised many with its intent to purchase Vertica. Vertica has had a successful run and boasts a significant customer base of over 250 clients. The global sales channel that HP could apply to the sales and service opportunities around the Vertica solution could produce a success for both companies. I will be very interested to see how HP communicates with the market and whether they are able to execute with Vertica. The acquisition is a good step forward but they will have to regain the trust of the market and present a consistent value proposition around their BI offerings.

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