On April 23rd, 2014 Dell announced its new Vulnerability Threat Monitoring and Prioritization service delivered through the SecureWorks Counter Threat Platform.  This managed service was created to expand the current Vulnerability Management offerings and increase customer value by creating the ability for customers to integrate their own vulnerability management systems.  With the additional context provided through Risk I/O, remediation and mitigation prioritization are done less in a bubble of the operational environment and more in context with the Internet threat universe.

In investigating the service announcement, I spoke with Chris Collard, the SecureWorks Product Manager whose responsibilities include this new Vulnerability Monitoring and Prioritization service.  He was very excited about the partnership and how it extends their service capabilities.  Additionally, Chris was pleased that Dell could deliver a solution option that increased customer ROI on their existing vulnerability management infrastructure.

I was most impressed that SecureWorks was not only motivated to act on customer input enough to seriously evaluate how to accomplish their requests, a true sign of a leading service provider,  but to think outside the box to get it done.  I don’t know how long the partnership was in the works but it couldn’t have been as long as it would have taken them to build it themselves.

Both Risk I/O and SecureWorks deliver solid service to their customers that are worth taking a look at.

Dell SecureWorks is a recognized provider of world-class information security services to help organizations of all sizes protect their IT assets, comply with regulations and reduce security costs.

Risk I/O is a relative new comer to the security industry.  However, Co-founders Ed Bellis, CEO, and Jeff Heuer, CTO, produced a visionary solution bringing together Internet Threat Data with customer vulnerability data.


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