Kaseya Connect

I spent three great days last week with Kaseya and its user community. The experience was eye-opening in many ways. A bit of background: EMA considers Kaseya a systems management provider, and as such they are usually covered by my colleagues Steve Brasen and Torsten Volk. However, this year for a couple of different reasons [...]

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Two Troux days

Attended the Troux Worldwide event last week as an invited speaker. It was a fantastic event, over 300 attendees from all over the world, and the discussions were consistently deep and thoughtful. It felt very much like a homecoming – while I have been working in the trenches of IT portfolio management, ITSM, ITAM, and related [...]

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More on next gen ITM

Spent some time today writing up Serena’s new Demand Management offering; look for an Impact Brief shortly. Along these lines, I’m tracking a number of what I call next generation IT management vendors, which by my definition must incorporate both project and service management capabilities on a common platform with integrated resource management. It’s still [...]

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IT cannot prioritize

My survey on IT demand management just came in, and it’s fascinating. I could get used to this research thing… As I’ve discussed here, here, and here, trends like DevOps and Lean IT are challenging the traditional silos of technology management, and spurring interest in more unified approaches to IT demand and execution. Until I [...]

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User Experience Management Panel in Boston

User Experience Management (UEM) continues to capture interest in the marketplace.  And yet it remains somewhat elusive. So, what is User Experience Management really?  It’s gone by many other names in the past, such as Quality of Experience (QoE), and has other incarnations in the present such as Real User Management (RUM).   Older, typically network-centric [...]

Too Many Tools: Integrating a New IT Management System

“Too many tools!” That’s how IT managers feel. The systems needed just to run IT can cost millions to acquire and operate. Yet without appropriate tools, how can you run a service desk, IT operations center, or a project management office? Undoubtedly, it’s critical that your IT management tools approach be well thought out. You [...]

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The CMDB/CMS Market in Transition

On the one hand, many in the industry have begun todismiss the CMDB as well past its prime, at least in terms of industry hype and attention. For this rather significant population, the CMDB has evolved into a complex and demanding data store with tangible but difficult-to-justify benefits, with questionable relationships to cloud computing and [...]

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