SDN is not about Software

(Author’s note:  Thanks to Tracy Corbo for contributions to this post!) I’ve just returned from Interop in New York, and it seemed like every other sentence spoken there include “SDN.” The networking community is abuzz with talk about Software Defined Networks (SDN), but what does this really mean, in terms of what we should expect [...]

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Back to Basics: The Growth of Web Content and Why Load Balancers and Optimization Solutions Matter

Okay so networking fabric wars, OpenFlow, and SDN startups are all the buzz in the networking space right now and while it is fun to speculate and debate the topic, it is time to get back to basics. Sure we need to decouple the network plumbing from its current rigid, fixed, physical design, but let’s [...]

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VDI: “Killer App” for the Network, or Network Killer?

A lot my coverage over the past couple of years has been focused on the increasingly interesting mix of applications that get delivered over enterprise networks and the impact that has on how networks are being planned and operated. This cocktail has become increasingly volatile, as latency-insensitive traffic loads are mixed with a growing number [...]

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A Bravo New World for Network Infrastructure and Management Solutions (A Thoma Bravo New World, that is….)

Even people outside of the technology sector recognize the Cisco brand. Cisco has a very strong global presence that transcends the technology sector. However as one dives deeper into the network technology sector, especially into the networking infrastructure segment the names of these technology vendors may not transcend much beyond the target user group within [...]

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The Path to Network Virtualization

On September 6, Nicira, a startup network virtualization company, unveiled its Network Virtualization Platform (NVP). NVP is a software-based system that creates a distributed virtual network infrastructure in cloud data centers that is completely decoupled and independent from physical network hardware. Nicira has announced that well known entities such as AT&T, eBay, Fidelity Investments, NTT [...]

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Virtualizing the Edge

There is no question WAN optimization technology was a game changer. It took away a major pain point for the most popular and common protocols that suffered noticeable performance degradation over WAN connections. While the technology has been very successful in optimizing specific traffic types, there are others that have remained underserved, most notable are [...]

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Tremors and New Opportunities Ahead in 2012 for the Network-based App Delivery Optimization Market

The game is afoot. Riverbed announced that they had “purchased certain assets of Expand Networks, including its intellectual property, out of liquidation in Israel. Riverbed did not purchase the corporate entity of Expand Networks and has not assumed any of Expand’s liabilities, obligations or contracts.” Last October Expand Networks had gone into liquidation under the supervision [...]

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An Alternative Approach to WAN Optimization

(Editor’s note:  Today’s post is by guest blogger and EMA Senior Analyst, Tracy Corbo) One of the many insights we gained while compiling EMA’s recent WAN Optimization Controller (WOC) Radar Report, and after talking to numerous WOC users, is that there are many situations where dedicated WAN links are simply not an option. Traditional WOC [...]

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Enterprise Mobility Meets WAN Optimization

Businessman with Tablet

EMA recently studied WAN Optimization technologies, publishing an EMA Radar Report on the topic last month, and in the process compared 13 major solution suppliers. Part of that investigation included an assessment of each supplier’s mobile solutions, for helping to establish optimal application and service performance for endpoints that may or may not be able [...]

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