What’s your plan of action when faced with a thorny application performance issue?  Where do you turn?  Does everyone jump to the conclusion that it must be the network?  Or do you get the team together and have everyone say, “It’s not me?” These are typical approaches, and in the end, it sometimes becomes a...

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Deploying IP Voice (VoIP) is a big, important project for most organizations, involving a significant investment in new equipment, cost-justified on promises of increased flexibility and lower cost of operations.  But such returns can remain elusive – particular for those who don’t take the time to understand how VoIP works and the ways in which...

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Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend IBM‘s Pulse conference, where the company welcomed over 10,000 of its software customers. This group is primarily focused on IBM’s Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure solutions, built largely around the Tivoli and Maximo portfolios. The overall theme of the event was how Cloud is the answer…to everything....

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It’s that time of year again – when we all look back as well as forward, regret the things we haven’t done, then promise to make them right once more. Instead of doing the typical forecast and prognostications that most analysts pump out this time of year, I prefer to take a different tact –...

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No question about it – I’ve been in denial.  I have not been willing to admit that Big Data is a relevant concept when it comes to network management.  But the tide is overwhelming, and usage and definition of “Big Data” is metasticizing too fast.  Resistance is futile.  I’ve been assimilated into the Big Data...

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On October 8th, 2013, CA Technologies announced the availability of CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap—a free version of its full-featured performance monitoring solution, CA Nimsoft Monitor. The offering was created for the mid-market, typically made up of smaller enterprises whose IT infrastructures are growing in complexity, and thus need fully featured infrastructure monitoring solutions, but lack...

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During the week of May 5th, EMC held its fast-growing user conference in Las Vegas, while just down the strip the Interop 2013 event was also underway.  Lacking an ability to clone myself, I did my best to attend both, in the process actively supporting the local contingent of taxi drivers and putting in more...

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This year’s theme for CAWorld 2013 was “Go Big: IT with Impact.”  So I thought what the heck – let’s go big.  I stepped back and took a much broader look across the CA Technologies portfolio than I normally would.  Usually, I focus on the network management solutions, which live primarily within CA’s Service Assurance...

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For the third year in a row, I will resist the temptation to predict the future of network management, and instead will recommend key focus points that network engineering, management, and operations professionals should keep in mind looking ahead. Last year’s resolutions dealt with cloud, converged infrastructure, VDI, application awareness, and making the shift from...

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Few would disagree that the greatest disruptive shockwave the networking sector has seen in many years is SDN, or Software-Defined Networks.  It has the potential to turn traditional networking best practices upside down and to revolutionize the way we plan, deploy, and operate networks.  SDN is perceived by some as a huge threat and by...

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