Integrated Systems for the Enterprise Masses: Expertise in a Box or in the Cloud

Competition for who owns the data center and which vendors will dominate the cloud services space is heating up. Over the last several days, major enterprise technology vendors such as Dell, EMC, HP, IBM and Oracle have all made announcements relative to what many consider to be groundbreaking progress in rolling out a new generation [...]

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In Search of a Strategic Imperative for Managing Enterprise Content: Lessons from AIIM, ECM Vendors and the User Community

Despite conventional wisdom that assumes an enterprise needs to give ample consideration to how its workers and processes support the overall mission prior to successfully implementing complex solutions, personal devices and social media are radically changing work behaviors and technology adoption – for better or worse. Smartphones and tablets coupled with the rise in the [...]

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The Link Between eDiscovery Software and Improving Healthcare Outcomes

What works for one industry can often be applied in another. One of the positive unintended consequences of forcing highly regulated and litigious industries to adopt technology solutions to slog through mountains of electronically stored information (ESI) is these systems, in some ways, have become more intelligent than humans in discerning relationships between words and [...]

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Can Watson-like Technology Help Lower Healthcare Costs and Improve Quality of Care?

A combination of escalating healthcare costs and the desire to improve healthcare quality is driving both healthcare providers and payers to seek more innovative remedies to attack the problem.  Meanwhile, technological advances in natural language processing (NLP) and predictive analytics now offer relief to caregivers and administrators who have enormous amounts of potentially lifesaving patient [...]

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Impressions from Legal Tech New York 2012: Cloud, eDiscovery and Information Governance Dominate

My introduction to LegalTech New York 2012 (LTNY) began not with last Monday morning’s keynote session but with a chance meeting, over the paper recycling bin, with a recently hired CIO of a mid-size national law firm who, like me, was unburdening himself of extraneous event announcements and other unwanted sheaves of written materials prior [...]

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Information Governance in the Age of Analytics, Big Data, eDiscovery and Social Media

As the digital world becomes increasingly more connected at the individual and organizational levels, our desire to derive insight from the collective stacks of electronically stored information (ESI) has fueled technology innovation and enabled companies to leverage these technologies and to transform their businesses as well as people’s lives. Meanwhile, organizations are in danger of [...]

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Behind Oracle’s Disappointing 2nd Quarter Numbers: Europe, Big Data, Competition, The Setting of Sun or All The Above?

After a blisteringly hot day for all of the US stock indices yesterday, the news following the close of the markets that Oracle had missed its quarterly numbers for the first time in 10 years came as a bit of shock to investors. Whether or not continued world economic woes, especially in Europe, will affect [...]

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IBM Gives Industry Analysts Glimpse of the Future: How Will They Meet the Challenges Ahead?

Despite a generally lackluster world economy, IBM is thriving. This year IBM celebrated the 100thanniversary of its founding and there is much for IBMers, their customers and stockholders to be happy about. Today, IBM is without a doubt the premier enterprise technology company in the world admired by millions and the envy of other technology [...]

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What to Expect from Enterprise Content Management Solutions in 2012 and Beyond

The advent of highly scalable hardware along with software solutions that can quickly process virtually any form of data regardless of its origin has far reaching ramifications for organizations looking to leverage a new class of Enterprise Content Management solutions to run their businesses more efficiently and innovatively. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions have been [...]

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Gary MacFadden Joins EMA to launch ECM Coverage

Enterprise Management Associates Adds Gary MacFadden as Managing Research Director in New Enterprise Content Management Practice Area EMA strengthens IT management leadership and expertise with highly experienced enterprise content management expert BOULDER, Colo., November 29, 2011 – Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, today announced that Gary [...]

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