Blurring the Lines Across Traditional Boundaries: Top IT & Data Management Trends of 2012

At the beginning of this month, EMA analysts were asked for their predictions about what 2012 might bring. Responses spanned management solutions across applications, systems, network, security, services, assets, desktops, and mobile devices, as well as business intelligence and content management. The results were surprisingly cohesive, and as a whole reflected core requirements in analytics, [...]

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Optimizing Cloud for Business Service Delivery: it is easier said than done!

The industry seems to be nearing an inflection point in its attitudes towards cloud computing—as best I can tell from headlines, commentaries and ongoing dialog with IT deployments and vendors.   If I had to put a few simple words around it, the era of “mythic hype” surrounding cloud is nearing its end and diffusing into a much [...]

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How to Manage Your IT Ecosystem– or ITIL v7

Maybe the 21st Century is the Age of Ecosystems.  I suppose the largest for now is our planet.   Taken abstractly, the term “ecosystem” can apply well beyond natural and manmade interdependencies, to political, religious and business- and organizational-driven ecosystems.  And while the concept is a good one, and in some senses a cause for optimism— [...]

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The Virtues of a Living Conversation Versus one Frozen in Stone

EMA consulting once did an analysis of why strategic service management initiatives fail.  These ranged from cross-domain performance management initiatives, to configuration management initiatives with CMDB/CMS enabling foundations,  to company-wide asset management initiatives to name a few.    Of the top ten reasons for failure, only the bottom two (Integration and Discovery) were technology-related.    Three of [...]

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ITIL and the Elusive Configuration Manager (among other) Roles

I had originally intended to make this blog about mental health.  A supportive article for those of you trying to support change in your own environment wrestling with the stubbornly persistent caricatures and silos still so dominant in many IT organizations. It was inspired by a rather nasty line in a novel my one of [...]

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What is Service-centric Asset Management and Why Should you Care?

EMA has been both predicting and advocating a more service-centric model for asset optimization and planning for nearly a decade. This is also, in itself, not a new idea with EMA either. The telecommunications industry and best practices such as the Telecommunication Management Forum’s eTOM guidelines support the logically obvious assumption that if a technology [...]

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