Innovation alert: techcello

I always enjoy working with startups because there is so much innovation going on out there. This morning, I briefed with Techcello about the celloSaaS product. This is a solution that enables virtually any company to build multi-tenant SaaS over .NET. While it could certainly be used by ISVs, it also opens up private SaaS [...]

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Outsource the Hassle, Stay In Control: 10 Advantages of Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model of software delivery where customers access network-based software.  This is far from a new concept and has had many names in the past, such as service bureau (in the 1980’s), ASP (in the 1990’s), hosted software or on-demand software in the early 2000’s and most recently Cloud [...]

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Security, Visibility, Privacy: Pick Any Two?

Is it possible to have security and privacy? The question has been brought to a head recently, with the intense backlash to the US Transportation Security Administration’s more assertive passenger security checks – a reaction that seems likely to become only more heated with the coming of the busy holiday travel season. The issue for [...]

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Five Characteristics of Cloud Services and their Implications for Management Tools Selection

Two years ago it was all about Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Medium- to enterprise-sized businesses were concerned with finding the “right way” to leverage SOA to reap widely-touted cost and revenue advantages. Getting it right meant the business became more nimble and IT became more efficient; getting it wrong meant that “haves” reduced costs and [...]

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