CA chooses Chatter for Clarity PPM social media

Quick note: CA announced that Clarity, their Project Portfolio Management offering, will use’s Chatter network. Clarity is already available in an on-demand (SaaS) version. This is an interesting development given that CA also has built an in-house social networking platform for its ITSM suite, OpenSpace, which is also available as SaaS. I predict there [...]

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ServiceNow Knowledge11 Conference

ServiceNow held its 5th annual user conference, Knowledge11, on May 15-19 in San Diego. This conference was a notably large event, with approximately 1,000 attendees, about double the previous years’ attendance. After a few days of letting impressions settle, I remain with four major topic areas: ServiceNow’s support for social media, the platform’s handling of [...]

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Kicking off new research: “End-to-end Application Management in the Age of Cloud Computing”

“End-to-End Application Management” is one of those terms everybody uses but nobody stops to think about. What does it really mean? Since “inquiring minds need to know”, I started nailing down answers to this question with a 3 part research study back in 2008. I continue to follow up each year, and in doing so [...]

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Amazon Outage is a Heads Up for CIOs: You can outsource the service, but not the responsibility

The recent events at Amazon are notable for multiple reasons, but for those of us who have spent time actually working in IT there are no big surprises there. Technology fails. Big, integrated technology systems fail bigger, and Amazon is definitely one big, honkin’ system. No matter who hosts it—even Amazon—if it is technology-based, it’s [...]

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Public Cloud Failure can be very Public

The only thing worse than experiencing an IT system failure is a public IT system failure and that’s exactly whats happening to several large social websites this morning Quora, FourSquare, Reddit have all been offline the past few hours as failures at Amazon’s Cloud service continue. Take a look at the AWS Service Dashboard and [...]

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Metamorphosis: The Cloud Integration Summit

Cloud technology continues to be a buzz worthy topic in our industry. As more companies are utilizing applications and data that are hosted in the cloud a new demand is being put on integration solutions and architectures. Getting information to and from these environments at scale and at a speed that supports innovative thinking is [...]

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Why Most Cloud Deployments Need a Restart

In the research I mentioned in my earlier blog on “Operationalizing Cloud,” we looked at a lot more than technology adoption.  We looked at organizational and process requirements as well. And we also looked at change. As it turned out, 70% of our respondents said that once begun, their cloud initiatives needed rethinking or redirection!! [...]

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Application Management and Application Aware Networking – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, I described the information gathered from Application Aware Network Performance Management (ANPM) solutions, as a “key enabler for the increasingly automated management systems of the future”. This blog entry explains why I believe this to be true. Virtually every company with on-premise IT (as opposed to outsourced IT) has [...]

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Insights from “Operationalizing Cloud” Research

EMA has just collected some new data regarding how IT organizations are seeking to assimilate cloud services from a top-down, service management perspective. The data gathered in December of 2010, spanned 155 global respondents with high percentages of executives (better than 50% director and above) – as the goal was to understand how senior management and cross-domain [...]

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