Juniper founder steps away to run new startup Fungible: What is Fungible?

What is Fungible, Inc., the new startup created by Juniper Networks’ founder Pradeep Sindhu, working on? Juniper announced this week that Sindhu, its founder and CTO, will be taking a reduced, advisory role at the company and surrender his seat on the board of directors so he can devote more time to his Fungible, a [...]

Optimizing Cloud for Business Service Delivery: it is easier said than done!

The industry seems to be nearing an inflection point in its attitudes towards cloud computing—as best I can tell from headlines, commentaries and ongoing dialog with IT deployments and vendors.   If I had to put a few simple words around it, the era of “mythic hype” surrounding cloud is nearing its end and diffusing into a much [...]

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Citrix Analyst conference underscores, once again, the relationship between leadership and innovation

Spring and fall seem to be “travel times” in the Analyst business, and quite a bit of that travel is vendor-related. The analyst role, as I see it, is largely a matter of synthesizing thousands of bits and pieces of vendor, industry, and customer-related information. The intent is to weave a cohesive fabric that accurately [...]

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Lifting the Fog of Virtualization

For network managers, there was great news coming with the VMware vSphere 5.0 release, in the form of enhancements to the Virtual Distributed Switch (vDS.) In a particular, the vDS now supports Port Mirroring (commonly known as SPAN) in addition to (finally!) formally offering NetFlow support. This should go a long way in helping with [...]

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Gear Up for a Geekfest

One of the hazards of being an Analyst is that it brings out your inner geek. In completing the latest research on “End-to-End Application Management in the Age of Cloud”, it was necessary for me to hole up with a gallon of coffee and a bag of chocolate-covered coffee beans and figure out what Cloud [...]

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How is Cloud Computing Impacting Application Management Strategies?

Long time, no blog, right? I’ve had plenty to keep me busy. I just finished up my most recent “End-to-End Application Management” research study, which extends the “end-to-end application management” concept to Public and Private Cloud. Both the full research paper and a summary version will be posted to the EMA site ( by the [...]

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Cloud value management

As enterprises spend more on cloud options, a new market opportunity is forming: Cloud value management. Surprising, with all the fervor around cloud, that I got exactly ONE hit on Google for that exact term just now. Custon, a Dutch company, gets the credit. (Why am I not surprised this is a Dutch firm? Seems [...]

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