Security and Big Data: Two Sore Points and Seven Questions

There’s no question that the intersections of Big Data and security have grabbed a lot of attention in the year-plus since I’ve been blogging on this topic. Indeed, it seems that Big Data will be one of the major focus areas at the RSA Conference a month hence: I count at least three sessions and [...]

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Kicking off new research: “End-to-end Application Management in the Age of Cloud Computing”

“End-to-End Application Management” is one of those terms everybody uses but nobody stops to think about. What does it really mean? Since “inquiring minds need to know”, I started nailing down answers to this question with a 3 part research study back in 2008. I continue to follow up each year, and in doing so [...]

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IBM Pulse 2011: Building Assets for Today’s Cross-Domain Application Support Scenarios

IBM Pulse 2011 was a low key affair, announcement-wise, compared to past events. Attended by nearly 7,000 people– a record for this event– tracks and sessions were plentiful, while major announcements were somewhat sparse. Instead of glitz, however, it was clear that IBM Software has spent the past year building a foundation for new ways [...]

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