On October 8th, 2013, CA Technologies announced the availability of CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap—a free version of its full-featured performance monitoring solution, CA Nimsoft Monitor. The offering was created for the mid-market, typically made up of smaller enterprises whose IT infrastructures are growing in complexity, and thus need fully featured infrastructure monitoring solutions, but lack the budgetary and human resources of their larger enterprise counterparts. CA Technologies has long served such organizations with the CA Nimsoft Monitor solution, and would like to expose the power of that solution to more potential users.

CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap product highlights include:

  • The ability to monitor, at no charge, up to 30 devices (physical/virtual servers, network devices, storage elements, databases or packaged apps)
  • Quick/easy set up – install, configure, monitor and report in less than one hour
  • Day one native language support for English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
  • Snap Central – user support community moderated by CA Nimsoft SMEs
  • Same code base as premium CA Nimsoft Monitor 7.0 – synchronous releases

The growing complexity of today’s modern IT infrastructures is causing many smaller enterprises to hit the wall of manageability with their monitoring approaches. Many are using a disparate mix of commercial and open source tools that are not integrated, too often resulting in a fragmented understanding of how infrastructure components are working together (or not). Too much time is spent keeping the tools in sync versus using the tools themselves. A better answer is to shift towards a single, integrated/unified solution that provides uniform performance monitoring across networks, servers, storage, and applications.

CA Nimsoft Monitor (and thus Nimsoft Monitor Snap) has been architected just for such purposes – delivering performance and availability monitoring across all IT technology domains.  It uses a unified approach, meaning that each set of features is delivered as a module that connects into a single platform, rather than an integrated approach, whereby multiple independent products share data and information.  Unified systems are almost always simpler to deploy and administer over time. The CA Nimsoft Monitor solution has found substantial success worldwide, with more than 1500 deployments in enterprises and hundreds more as a platform used by MSPs.

With Snap, CA Technologies seeks to make the unified solution available to a broader slice of enterprises.   While CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap does not offer all the same features of the full premium (paid) version, most of those not included won’t be greatly missed in a 30-device managed environment. Plus, anyone who needs to test drive the fully featured version can still do so via a 30-day free trial.

While there is no dedicated support for the free version, the Snap Central support community is an alternative that offers much more than simple, static FAQs.  A vendor-moderated resource such as Snap Central provides a two-way channel of communication, where product adopters get to interact not just with CA Technologies experts, but also with other Snap implementers.

CA Technologies still needs to work out the wrinkles in how Snap users will transition from free to paid versions of the product. EMA also believes that CA Technologies may need to reconsider the 30-device limit, as it could prevent system users from gauging the value of the solution in a real production environment.

The release of a free version of CA Nimsoft Monitor is a great opportunity for smaller IT shops to get a taste for a truly unified management product than can help bridge visibility gaps and grow with future needs. EMA also looks forward to the ongoing evolution of Snap Central, since it is a great way to build expertise and enrich the value received by anyone deciding to give the product a try.


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