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Dennis brings 29 years of experience in various aspects of marketing and business planning for service management solutions. He supports EMA through leadership in Business Service Management, CMDB Systems, automation systems and service-centric financial optimization. At EMA, Dennis has pioneered research in converging management strategies, such as performance/availability and integrated security.

Transforming End-User Support – What Does It Mean and What Is It Really About?

I admit, “end-user support” sounds kind of old-fashioned. But in many respects just the opposite is true. In the digital age the need for easy access to new services is on the rise, and even with a much ‘hipper’ (and increasingly impatient) end-user population, the need for support and guidance remains. It is just taking [...]

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Advanced IT Analytics: Making it Simpler to Optimize What’s More Complex

The growing market for analytics in IT is one of the more exciting areas to watch in the technology industry. Exciting because of the variety and types of vendor innovation in this area. And exciting as well because our research indicates the adoption of advanced IT analytics supports data sharing and joint decision making in [...]

Making Your Service Desk Less Vocal Actually Tells You Things Are as They Should Be

Optimizing the end-user experience has many dimensions to it, and one key element of them is ensuring that any issues from password reset, to application access, to support for multiple endpoints by a single user—are all addressed without your users feeling that they’re queuing up at the Department of Motor Vehicles. This blog leverages EMA [...]

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The Magnificent Seven ITSM 2.0 Challenges

This is my second blog targeting the next generation of IT service management, or ITSM 2.0. The first blog described the characteristics I see as defining ITSM 2.0. Here we’ll look more closely at the key challenges you might face in getting there from a more traditional ITSM background. First of all, given this blog’s [...]

By | October 11th, 2016|Dennis Drogseth, IT Management, Service Management|0 Comments

Introducing IT Service Management (ITSM) 2.0: A Cornerstone for Digital and IT Transformation

Over the course of numerous deployment dialogs and multiple research projects starting with last year’s work on “ITSM futures,” I have been tracking a still largely unheralded phenomenon: ITSM teams in many organizations are evolving to take a leadership role in helping all of IT become more efficient, more business aligned, and ever more relevant [...]

By | September 27th, 2016|Dennis Drogseth, IT Management, Service Management|0 Comments

Increased Focus on Digital Experience Management Prompts New Research- Done Jointly by Dennis Drogseth and Julie Craig

Digital and user experience management has been the focus of multiple EMA research studies throughout the years, both as a stand-alone topic and as part of EMA’s ongoing examination of critical trends such as digital and operational transformation, IT performance optimization, and of course application performance management (APM).  In many respects, optimizing the digital experience [...]

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How Is Cloud Changing the Face of IT Service Management?

Cloud is no longer a new topic for IT, or for IT service management (ITSM). But its impact on how ITSM teams work, as well as on how IT works overall, has probably never been greater. Indeed, more and more IT organizations have been “moving to the cloud.” But understanding its relevance can’t be achieved [...]

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The Enterprise Service Catalog—Unifying IT Services for the Digital Age

While service catalogs are not new, they are becoming increasingly critical to enterprises seeking to optimize IT efficiencies, service delivery and business outcomes. They are also a way of supporting both enterprise and IT services, as well as optimizing IT for cost and value with critical metrics and insights. In this blog we’ll look at [...]

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Who Owns User and Customer Experience Management?

There is growing industry attention to user, customer, and digital experience management—often condensed by the acronym UEM for “user experience management.” This attention is more than justified, but most of the buzz leaves out critical questions like, “What is user experience management?”, “Who really runs (or who should run) the UEM show in the digital [...]

By | January 22nd, 2016|Dennis Drogseth, IT Management, Service Management|0 Comments
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